He was born in June 1945 in Ljubljana. His life was decisively marked by disability; he had a spinal muscular atrophy, which made him a wheelchair user since he was 11 years old. In spite of severe disability, with the support of his parents. He studied English and French at the University of Ljubljana, but he was forced to end his studies in the second year of 1966 because he became the first president of the newly founded Alliance of people with neuromuscular disorders of Yugoslavia and three years later the president of the Muscular dystrophy association of Slovenia. He founded two disability companies for employing disabled people (mostly people with neuromuscular disabilities) – Birografika Bori in Ljubljana and Dom dva topola in Izola. He has strengthened the participation of disability organizations in Slovenia, which represent the strongest interlocutor to the state in the realization of the interests of disabled people and meeting their specific needs.

From time immemorial he devoted entire life activities to organized actions of disability organizations and to cooperate with other organized groups of people with disabilities on regular basis. He successfully built the system of organizational strong and diversified, economically viable and human optimistic policies for comprehensive care for disabled people. He thus participated in the establishment of EAMDA and many other domestic and European disability-related governmental institutions. He was a supporter and president of EAMDA since it has been moved from Malta to Ljubljana in early 2008.

He was EDF Board member from 2005 until last year.

He was commended by the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs for exceptional success in his work in the field of social care and decorated with an honorary “sign of the freedom of the Republic of Slovenia” for his personal contribution to the advancement of the rights of persons with disabilities in Slovenia.

He devoted his life to the development of a culture of cooperation between different groups. He will remain in a good memory and we will miss him a lot.

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